4 Things GERD Sufferers Need To Know About Tooth Sensitivity

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a chronic disease that is characterized by frequent heartburn, but it doesn't just affect your digestive system. This disease can also lead to a variety of oral health problems, like tooth sensitivity. Here are four things GERD sufferers need to know about tooth sensitivity. Why does GERD cause tooth sensitivity? The heartburn associated with GERD occurs when stomach acid flows up your esophagus instead of remaining in your stomach where it belongs.

Four Ways To Ease Pain While Healing From Dental Implant Surgery

When you return home from having your dental implants inserted into your jaw bone, you probably have some mixed feelings. You're excited that you'll soon have new teeth in your mouth (once you have those crowns attached), but the pain is also starting to set in, making you feel uneasy and irritable. Likely, your dentist will prescribe you a pain reliever to use during the first few days after surgery. In addition to following the dosing instructions closely, here are a few other things you can do to ease your pain.

Amazing Mouths: 3 New Ways Your Mouth And Teeth Can Be Used As A Window Into Your Overall Health

The separation that used to exist between oral health and overall health was shattered many years ago. Most people now know that good oral health is the key to heart health and contributes greatly to having an overall healthy body. Now, there have been three new discoveries about how a person's teeth can actually be used to determine their risk for many diseases. Here are the three recent discoveries that show you just how amazing mouths and teeth really are.

Smile! Simple Stress-Free Solutions For Your Autistic Child's Dental Exam

As a parent, you most likely understand the importance of a healthy and appealing smile. Due to this importance, regular visits to the dentist are essential for you and your children. Unfortunately, regular exams, cleanings, and treatments can be problematic if your child has a medical condition. Autism causes various behavioral, social, and emotional difficulties, which are manageable at home and school. However, these difficulties can make a traditional dental exam stressful for you, your child, and the dentist.

3 Things You Need To Know About Dental Phobia

For many people, a friendly reminder about an upcoming dental appointment reads like an invitation to the electric chair. If you're willing to do practically anything to avoid your family dentist, you may have a condition known as dental phobia. Here are three things you need to understand about this intense fear -- including what to do about it. 1. You're Not the Only One Who Has It If you always thought you were some kind of anomaly in your fear of the dentist, take heart.